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[18 Dec 2007|05:19pm]

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What musical stereotype are you? (with songs) [16 Jul 2006|10:27pm]

I made another quiz! It's got links to songs in the end with the results. Hope you enjoy!

What musical stereotype are you? (with SONGS)

A dying breed - easy to spot and easier still to poke fun at - maybe that's why you've gone almost totally nocturnal. Electronic music just sounds better in the dark, anyway, doesn't it? Your finger muscles are strongly developed from turning your light switch into a strobe and your clothes are shiny and look great under a blacklight. You spend your weeks in an after-party haze, waiting for the weekend to come so you can show off your glowsticking skills and meet up with all the beautiful people again. Don't eat random pills from the floor, drink lots of water, and you should be fine.

Space Age Remix by Dieselboy - http://www.napster.com/player/tracks/12200960
Take this quiz!

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Pirate Ninja Monk Test [16 Jul 2006|06:30pm]

You are a Ninja!

You move stealthily and stay in the shadows, biding your time before striking and eliminating your prey. As a ninja you are equipped with a wide variety of weapons but the most important weapon you have is your brain. Thinking ahead and anticipating problems is the mark of a good ninja, as well as the ability to remain unseen and unheard when you wish.

Pirate Ninja Monk Test by LJ Quiz

Why do people run from [Bad username: iluvpomeranians] [05 Jun 2006|09:16am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Why do people run from iluvpomeranians?

You always claim to see the future then write it down in vague little stanzas
'Why do people run from you?' at QuizGalaxy.com

What indie rock subgenre do you fall into? (WITH SONGS) [15 May 2006|08:28pm]

Hey guys... I made a quiz using Napster Links in the results.. so it gives you like, full songs when you finish it! Take it and tell me whether you like it or not.

What indie rock subgenre do you fall into?

Seriously though.. I've never made a quiz before... but this was really fun. Hope you find it amusing and maybe you'll even like the song you get in your results! :)
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Some of my music collection [14 Apr 2006|05:51pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

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How good..........or bad, is your karma? [13 Apr 2006|12:38am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

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What will you go to prison for? [02 Apr 2006|08:52pm]

What will you be sent to prison for?

You stole a little kid's lollipop then had to be rescued from the irate kid by the police. You spent a month in hospital to recover from the horrific and brutal attack and when you were better you were convicted of theft. The kid got away with it because he was underage and is waiting for you to be released so he can give you another kicking.

What will you be sent to prison for? by Quiz Taker
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Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. [19 Dec 2005|06:22pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm not getting married (as far as I know!) anytime soon, but I thought it would be a fun meme to start. Make yer next post in the same format as this one.

Something Old
Post something FUN that happened a while ago but that ye didn't wrote about yet.

Something New
Post something FUN that is new :)

Something borrowed
Post a comment ye have about someone else's recent post.

Something blue
And finally, post something less fun, something that gives you "the blues".

Here I go:

Something Old
For my birthday (Nov 20th) my aunt give me a traveller bag that I just LOVE. I used it constantly, either for going to do the laundry or when I'm away for the weekend. It's black, rectangular, profesional looking and super roomy!

Something New
I'm considering moving out and be Jane's roomie! Wouldn't that be SUPER fun? At first sight, financially, I cannot afford it. But I can't afford to stay in St-Calixte, far away from civilization, any longer either, so I'll need to adjust either way. I'm really looking forward to it and I will pull up my ressources together this week to make it happen in January! Also, my uncle contacted me for a small translating contract with one of his websites. He hinted that he would have more little jobs like that for me in the future.

Something borrowed
Today on baaaaabyanimals, someone posted a whole page full of pictures of puppies and kitties, fish eye lense style. It was just too cute so here's the link to check them out.

Something blue
Major drama at my house yesterday. It ended up with my dad in the hospital, escorted by the police. I was kinda depressed yesterday, but I'm sorta glad it hapenned; it made my dad realized he had a big problems and that his current meds weren't helping him at all. He seemed to have found a good psychiatrist now, he switched his meds. We'll see how it goes...


Movie Meme [30 Nov 2005|10:39am]

Put a X by the movies you've seen. If you get more than 70, you're a movie whore. I'm a movie whore I got 91 :P
1. ( )Napoleon Dynamite
2. (X)Saw
3. ( X)White Noise
4. (X )White Oleander
5. (X)Anger Management
6. (X)50 First Dates
7. (X)Jason X
8. (x)Scream
9. (X)Scream 2
10. (X)Scream 3
11. (X)Scary Movie
12. (X)Scary Movie 2
13. (X )Scary Movie 3
14. (X)American Pie
15. (X)American Pie 2
16. (X)American Wedding
17. (X)Harry Potter
18. (X)Harry Potter 2
19. (X)Harry Potter 3
20. (X)Resident Evil I
21. ()Resident Evil 2
22. (X)The Wedding Singer
23. ( )Little Black Book
24. (X)The Village
25. (X )Donnie Darko
26. (X)Lilo & Stitch
27. (X) Finding Nemo
28. ( )Finding Neverland
29. ( )13 Ghosts
30. (X )Signs
31. (X)The Grinch
32. (X)Texas Chainsaw Massacre
33. (X )White Chicks
34. (X )Butterfly Effect
35. (X )Thirteen Going on 30
36. ( )I, Robot
37. ( )Dodgeball
38. ( )Universal Soldier
39. ( )A Series Of Unfortunate Events
40. ( )Along Came A Spider
41. (X)Deep impact
42. ( )Kingpin
43. (X )Never Been Kissed
44. (X)Meet The Parents
45. (X)Meet The Fockers
46. (X )Eight Crazy Nights
47. ( )A Cinderella Story
48. (X )The Terminal
49. (X )The Lizzie McGuire Movie
50. ( )Passport to Paris
51. (X)Dumb & Dumber
52. (X )Dumb & Dumberer
53. (X)Final Destination
54. (X )Final Destination 2
55. (X)Halloween
56. (X )The Ring
57. ( )The Ring 2
58. ( )Harold & Kumar
59. ( )Practical Magic
60. (X )Chicago
61. (X )Ghost Ship
62. ( )From Hell
63. (X )Hellboy
64. ( )Secret Window
65. (X )I Am Sam
66. ( )The Whole Nine Yards
67. ( )The Whole Ten Yards
68. ()The Day After Tomorrow
69. (X)Child's Play
70. (X)Bride of Chucky
71. (X )Ten Things I Hate About You
72. ( )Just Married
73. (X )Gothika
74. (X)A Nightmare on Elm Street
75. ( )Sixteen Candles
76. (X)Bad Boys
77. ()Bad Boys 2
78. (X )Joy Ride
79. ( )Seven (SE7EN)
80. (X )Oceans Eleven
81. (X )Oceans Twelve
82. ( )Identity
83. ( )Lone Star
84. ()Bedazzled
85. ( )Predator I
86. ( )Predator II
87. ( ) Alien vs. Predator
88. ()Cujo
89. (X)Independence Day
90. ( )Darkness Falls
91. (X )Christine
92. (X)ET
93. ( )Children of the Corn
94. ( )My Boss's Daughter
95. ( )Maid in Manhattan
96. ( )Frailty
97. ( )Best Bet
98. ( )How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
99. (X )She's All That
100. (X )Calendar Girls
101. ( )Sideways
102. (X)Mars Attacks
103. (X)Event Horizon
104. (X )Ever After
105. ( )Forrest Gump
106. (X )Big Trouble in Little China
107. (X)X-men 1
108. ()X-men 2
109. ( )Jeepers Creepers
110. ( )Jeepers Creepers 2
111. (X )Catch Me If You Can
112. (X)The Others
113. (X )Freaky Friday
114. (X )Reign of Fire
115. (X )Cruel Intentions
116. (X )PI
117. (X )Swimfan
118. ( )Miracle
119. (X )Old School
120. ( )Ray
121. ( )The Notebook
122. (X )K-Pax
123. (X)Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
124. (X)Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
125. (X)Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
126. (X )A Walk to Remember
127. ( )Boogeyman
128. ( )Hitch
129. ()Super Troopers
130. (X)South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
131. (X)The Fifth Element
132. (X)Star Wars Episode I
133. (X)Star Wars Episode II
134. (X)Star Wars Episode IV
135. (X)Star Wars Episode V
136. (X)Star Wars Episode VI
137. (X)Starwars Ep. III Revenge of the Sith
138. ( )Swimming with Sharks
139. ( )Trainspotting
140. ()People Under the Stairs
141. ( )Blue Velvet
142. (X)Sound of Music
143. ()Parent Trap *with Hailey Mills
144. ( )The Burbs
145. ( )SLC Punk
146. ( )Meet Joe Black
147. ( )Wild Girls
148. (X )A Clockwork Orange
149. ( )The Order
150. (X)Spiderman
151. (X )Spiderman 2
152. ( )Amelie
153. ( )Mean Girls
154. ()Shrek
155. (X )Shrek 2
156. ( )The Incredibles
157. ( )Collateral
158. (X)The Fast & the Furious
159. ( )2 Fast 2 Furious
160. ( )Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow
161. ( )Closer
162. (X)The Sixth Sense
163. ( )Artificial Intelligence
164. ( )Love Actually
165. ( )Shutter
166. ( )Ella Enchanted
167. (X )Princess Diaries
168. ( )Princess Diaries 2
169. ( )Constantine
170. ( )Million Dollar Baby
171. ( )Life of David Gale
172. ( )25th hour
173. ( )Vanilla Sky
174. ( )Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
175. ( )Boogie Nights
176. ()Braveheart
177. ( )The Anarchist Cook Book
178. ( )My House In Umbria
179. ( )Double Jeopardy
180. ()Monsters, Inc
181. (X)Moulin Rouge
183. (X)Pirates of the Carribbean
184. ( )The Lords of Dogtown
185. ( )The Grudge
186. (X )The Parent Trap
187. ( )Hide and Seek
188. ( )Are We There Yet?
189. ( )Coach Carter
190. ( )May
191. (X)Nightmare Before Christmas
192. (X)Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
193. ( )Anchorman
194. (X)Rescuers Down Under
195. (X)Batman
196. (X)Batman Returns
197. (X)Batman and Robin
198. (X)Batman Forever
199. ( )Batman Begins
200. ( )Boondock Saints
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[26 Nov 2005|11:15am]

Ever wonder what icons your friends or other random people would pick for your LJ? Well here is you chance to find out.

&Post your user name.
&Other people will find icons and post them under you name for what they think would be the best icons for you.

Just have fun with it.

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BRUTAL HONESTY MEME [part 2] [26 Nov 2005|11:06am]

Since the Brutal Honesty Meme was maxed out in comments i think it's time for PART TWO.

Infomation on the B.H. meme taken from part one

Have you had one of those days lately when you just scroll down your friends list and look at all the wonderful people you know... and wanted to smack a fair number of them? I'm sure you all know that every once in while, it's good to share your true feelings. It can be stress relieving, an opportunity to express true feelings while proving to be awfully amusing for those not taking part. And so, rising from the ashes is the traditional, yet ever time-killing Brutal Honesty Meme. Leave no throught unshared, no moron unwanked, no idiotic reply left without a searing, snarky retort. Have fun, children. It's time to get angry.

anon is on, IP is off

ps. credit goes to anaphoric, sex him. & barat for part one.

oh and pimp it.

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The Lurker Meme [09 Nov 2005|11:55am]
It's time for all you lurkers to come out of the shadows!

I know who is on my friends list, I know who has me on their friends list... what I don't know is who else is reading, or how many!

1) If you are not on my friends list and I am not on yours, but you read my LJ regularly, then post a comment here with your name so I know who you are!

2) If you don't want to leave your name, then post anonymously so I at least know how many lurkers I have.

3) Then post this on your journal and see who's watching you!
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Create-A-Mate 9000! [06 Nov 2005|03:22pm]


Welcome to the Create-A-Mate 9000!
Here at Create-A-Mate,
Inc., our skilled robots will read your list and create a mate that was
made to order just for you. So please fill out the following:

What characteristics do you want in a mate, or did you want, before you found your present mate?
Fill out the following, post in your own journal and pass the list on!

The Love List!
1. Gender and orientation:
2. Religion:
3. Spirituality:
4. Profession:
5. Educational level:
6. Children: Has kids? Wants kids? Childfree?
7. Style or scene: mainstream, alt, geeky, doesn't matter, what?
8. Activities:
9. Housekeeping:
10. Politics:
11. Personality:
12. Body type:
13. Relationship style preferred: monogamous, polyamorous, etc?
14. Social style:
15. Type of background:
16. Pets or no?
17. Smoking or no?
18. Drugs?
19. Sex?
20. Don't forget the most important list item: This person is available and loves me as much as I love them.
20. Think up a list item. Now add it here.

Here you go people [08 Nov 2005|07:37am]

I'm new and I have this meme to offer... hehe

1. Your full name – Jesse reid
2. Age - 18
3. Height - 5’6 but my license says 5’9
4. Natural hair colour - brown (Only 267 more to go!)
5. Eye colour – BLUE!!!
6. Number of siblings - 1
7. Glasses/contacts – neither. But I want glasses.
8. Piercings - no
9. Tattoos -never
10. Braces – used to
12. Colour – I have many
13. Band – I don’t play favorites. This section is gonna suck
14. Song – don’t know.
15. Stuffed animal - kitty
16. Video game – It’s not a video game.
17.TV show - no
18. Movie – I don’t know
19. Book – still don’t know.
20. Food - sushi
21. Game on a cell phone - torpedo
22. CD cover – don’t know
23. Flower - flour
24. Scent - nikki
25. Animal - cat
26. Comic book - JTHM
27. Cereal – I don’t eat cereal but if I do it’s raisin brand
28. Website – livejournal I guess
29. Cartoon - no
30. Play an instrument? no
31. Watch TV more than 60 hours a week? NO!!!
32. Like to sing? yes
33. Have a job? yes
34. Have a cell phone? yes
35. Like to play sports? Not really
36. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yes
37. Have a crush on someone? no
38. Live somewhere NOT in the united states? no
39. Have more than 5 TVs in your house? no
40. Have any special talents/skills? Like what?
41.Excercise daily? yes
42. Like school? yes
43. sing the alphabet backwards? I cant.
44. Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes? For about a second.
45. Speak any other languages? no
46. Go a day without food? yes
47. Stay up for more than 24 hours? yes
48. Read music, not just tabs? no
49. Roll your tongue? Not really
50. Eat a whole pizza? – I have before but I will never do it again
51. Snuck out of the house? I don’t need to sneak out.
52. Cried to get out of trouble? no
53. Gotten lost in your city? Yes I got lost in plaistow at 2 in the morning once.
54. Seen a shooting star? yes
55. Been to any other countries besides the united states? no
56. Had a serious surgery? no
57. Stolen something important to someone else? Maybe.
58. Solved a rubiks cube? no
59. Gone out in public in your pajamas? no
60. Cried over a girl? yes
61. Cried over a boy? yes
62. Kissed a random stranger? no
63. Hugged a random stranger? no
64. Been in a fist fight? More like a beating.
65. Been arrested? no
66. Done drugs? yes
67. Had alcohol? yes
68. Laughed and had milk come out of your nose? yes
69. Pushed all the buttons on an elevator? All the time
70. Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc? yep
71. Swore at your parents? yep
72. Been to warped tour? nope
73. Kicked a guy where it hurts? punched
74. Been in love? yes
75. Been close to love? How can you be close? You either love or you don’t. there is no median
76. Been to a casino? no
77. Ran over an animal and killed it? yes
78. Broken a bone? no
79. Gotten stitches? yes
80. Had a waterballoon fight in winter? no
81. Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour? no
82. Made homemade muffins? no
83. Bitten someone? hehe
84. Been to disneyland/disneyworld? yes
85. More than 5 times? no
86. Been to niagra falls? No but I’ve always wanted to go.
87. Burped in someones face No
88. Gotten the chicken pox? I think so
89. Brushed your teeth – When I got home from school
90. Went to the bathroom – a few hours ago
91. Saw A Movie In Theaters - a while ago. I cant even remember.
92. Read a book – Reading one right now.
93. Had a snow day – A long time ago
94. Had a party - never
95. Had a slumber party - never
96. Made fun of someone – all the time
97. Tripped in front of someone – I do that all the time too/
98. Went to the grocery store - today. But I didn’t go in.
99. Got sick - I don’t know
100. Cursed – just now. FUCK FUCK FUCK. And other suck explitives.
101. Fruit/vegetables - fruit
102. Black/white - black
103. Lights on/lights off – It depends on what I’m feeling
104. TV/movie - movie
105. Car/truck - car
106. Body spray/lotion - lotion
107. Cash/check - money order
108. Pillows/blankets – blankets. With enough of them you can just use one as a pillow.
109. Headache/stomach ache - headache
110. Paint/charcoal - paint
111. Chinese food/mexican food - chinese
112. Summer/winter – mixed thoughts
113. Snow/rain - rain
114. Fog/misty - fog
115. Rock/rap - rock
116. Meat/vegetarian - vegetarian
117. Boy/girl – What the fuck does it matter. As long as they’re nice.
118. Chocolate/vanilla - chocolate
119. Sprinkles/icing -sprinkles
120. Cake/pie - pie
121. French toast/french fries - toast
122. Strawberries/blueberries - blueberries
123. Ocean/swimming pool – swimming pool
124. Hugs/kisses - both
125. Cookies/muffins - cookie
126. p33n/bewbz - doesn't matter
127. Wallet/pocket - wallet
128. Window/door - window
129. Emo/goth - goth
130. Pink/purple - purple
131. Cat/dog - cat
132. Long sleeve/short sleeve - long
133. Pants/shorts - pants
134. Winter break/spring break - winter
135. Spring/autumn - autumn
136. Clouds/clear sky - clouds
137. Moon/mars - moon
138. How many friends do you have? If I don’t count nikki then I don’t really have any.
139. What are their names? Jacqui, nikki
140. Do you have a best friend? no
141. Have you ever liked one of your friends? Hmmm…
142. Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends?girl
143. Have you ever lost a friend?yes
144. Have you ever gone to an amusement park with a friend? yes
145. Whats an inside joke between you and a friend? Flour.
146. Have you ever gotten in a big arguement with a friend? Kind of.
147. Whats the nicest thing youve ever done for a friend? I don’t know
148. Whats the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you? I don’t know
149. Do you miss any of your old friends? one
150. What friend have you known the longest? Jacqui
151. Do you regret anything youve done to a friend?no
152. If so, what is it?
153. How often do you spend time with your friends? All the time
154. Do any of your friends drive? yes
155. Has a friend of yours ever died? no
156. Whats the dumbest thing you've done with a friend? …
157. What do you think your friends think of you? I don’t know
158. Have you ever been in love? yes
159. If you have, with who? Tiger and now Nikki
160. Are you single? no
161. Are you in a relationship? This question is stupid
162. If so, for how long? Since june 21st
163. Do you believe there is someone for everyone? No
164. What is your idea of the best date? When you’re driving home and simply don’t care about anything else.
165. What was your first kiss like? I don’t know
166. How old were you when you got your first kiss? 17
167. Do you think love is a load of shit? If someone thinks love is a load of shit then they’re doing it wrong.
168. Whats the best experiance you've ever had with the opposite sex?…
169. Have you ever been dumped? no
170. Have you ever dumped someone? yes
171. Whats the most sexual thing youve done with the opposite sex? Hmmm…
172. Slippers - feet
173. Hat - Early Bird
174. Hard – on. My mind’s been in the gutter all day.
175. Free – hand (shooting)
176. Space – Get the fuck away from me
177. Taste - I don’t know
178. Good charlotte – what?
179. Red - blue
180. Deep - sea
181. Heart - beat
182. Cord - less
183. Cheese - y
184. Rain - drop
185. Work – Early Bird
186. Pedal – hehe, floor
187. Head - face
188. Bed - sleep
189. Fluff - enutter
190. Hardcore – soft porn
191. Race - lee
192. Knife - work
193. Jump no
194. I.... am - me
195. want -attention
196. need – lots of things
197. crave – sudden craving for ice cream
198. love - nikki
199. hate – my sister
200. did – what?
201. feel - emotions
202. miss - people
203. am annoyed by -people
204. would rather – be sleeping. With nikki. (non-sexuall you perves)
205. am tired of - routine
206. will always be on time
207. What is your favourite genre of music? I don’t know nu metal I guess
208. What time is it now? 11:54 pm
209. What day is it? 9/2/05
210. Whens the last time you called someone? I don’t know
211. How much money do you have right now? I don’t know
212. Are you hungry? Not really
213. Whatcha doin? Picking my nose
214. Do you like parades? nope
215. Do you like the moon? yep
216. What are you going to do when youre done with this? sleep
217. Isn’t cup a funny word when you repeat it over and over? no
218. If you could have any magical power what would it be? I don’t know
219. Have you ever had a picnic? yes
220. Did you ever have one of those skip-its when you were young? Skip-its?
221. What about sock em boppers? no
222. Are you wearing any socks right now? no
223. funny? yes
224. pretty? yes
225. sarcastic? All the time
226. lazy? no
227. hyper? yes
228. friendly? no
229. evil? Not really
230. smart? yes
231. strong? I can hold my own
232. talented? In what way?
233. dorky? no
234. suicide - for
235. love - for
236. drunk drivers – against. They should fucking burn in hell
237. airplanes - for
238. war - against
239. canada - for
240. united states - for
241. rock music -for
242. gay marriage -for
243. school - for
244. surveys - for
245. parents - for
246. cars - for
247. killing – for the right reasons/
248. britney spears - against
249. coffee - for
250.pants - for
251. Sky dive? no
252. Play strip poker? no
253. Run away? no
254. Curse at a teacher? no
255. Not take a shower for a week? NO!!
256. Ask someone out? I will not.
257. Lie to someone to make them think better of you? no
258. Visit a foreign country for more than a month? no
259. Go scuba diving? no
260. Write a book? Probably not
261. Become a rockstar? no
262. Have casual sex? NO!
263. What shampoo do you use? Herbal essenses
264. Whens the last time you did something sexual with the opposite sex? This morning
265. What kind of computer do you have? compact
266. What grade are you in? college
267. Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies? yes
268. Or just make out? Even better
269. How many posters do you have in your room? one
270. How many cds do you have? A lot
271. What time is it now? 12:01 am
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[06 Oct 2005|07:25am]
Complete the 80ys Lyrics! (Part 2)

I got 80%.. click here to take the test.

Interests Meme [13 Aug 2005|05:03pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I felt like starting one, so here goes,

Interests Meme

1. Look through you Interests and find the four *most* popular.
2. Now find the four *least* popular interests.
3. List both, and how many members/communities were also interested.

Note: for the most popular, go by the number listed on the "Popular Interests" page, and for least popular, go by the numbers on the page for that Interest.

Read more...Collapse )</lj-cut


[27 Jul 2005|08:39pm]


Yes that is right, Song Titles. There are MILLIONS of songs out there.
And you get to post as many song titles as you want.
GO CRAZY. Just don't cheat and look at what people posted already.

With each song title start a new post.
And To answer the song titles: Post The band that has made them.
If the Song is made by more then one person; then post the band[s] that hove made them.


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Last time, I promised I'd bite my tongue until I counted to ten [5;6;7;8;9;and10] [27 Jul 2005|04:36pm]


If you would like to be one of our LOVELY affiliates...post a comment here. We will gladdly put you in our spiffy cool box.
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