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Interests Meme

I felt like starting one, so here goes,

Interests Meme

1. Look through you Interests and find the four *most* popular.
2. Now find the four *least* popular interests.
3. List both, and how many members/communities were also interested.

Note: for the most popular, go by the number listed on the "Popular Interests" page, and for least popular, go by the numbers on the page for that Interest.


Everything Clear? Great. ;)

These are mine:

Most Popular:

1. photography (323721)
2. cats (178083)
3. cooking (117631)
4. lord of the rings (117564)

Least Popular:

1. mister macphisto (5 communities, 8 users)
2. sam malone (5 communities, 9 users)
3. freak power (2 communities, 33 users)
4. zootv (10 communities, 31 users


Let me know what you do with it :)

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