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Snarking toward Enlightenment

Create-A-Mate 9000!

Welcome to the Create-A-Mate 9000!
Here at Create-A-Mate,
Inc., our skilled robots will read your list and create a mate that was
made to order just for you. So please fill out the following:

What characteristics do you want in a mate, or did you want, before you found your present mate?
Fill out the following, post in your own journal and pass the list on!

The Love List!
1. Gender and orientation:
2. Religion:
3. Spirituality:
4. Profession:
5. Educational level:
6. Children: Has kids? Wants kids? Childfree?
7. Style or scene: mainstream, alt, geeky, doesn't matter, what?
8. Activities:
9. Housekeeping:
10. Politics:
11. Personality:
12. Body type:
13. Relationship style preferred: monogamous, polyamorous, etc?
14. Social style:
15. Type of background:
16. Pets or no?
17. Smoking or no?
18. Drugs?
19. Sex?
20. Don't forget the most important list item: This person is available and loves me as much as I love them.
20. Think up a list item. Now add it here.
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