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MEME central

Meme Central
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all graphics used by this community are by chapstick_creo

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Meme Central is a spiffy little community that was created, just for memes. Your crazy mods noticed there was this fad going around where people posted memes in their journals, so we thought, why not consolidate it all at one place? ;)

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Just have fun with it. That's all memes were created for, right?

chapstick_chick || Joanna {creator, mod}
thinkthink797 || Lissa {mod}

[01] No fights on Meme Central. If you have a fight solve it on AIM/MSN/Yahoo! or your own journal.

[02] Posts will be approved by your mods simply because a community like this could induce a severe amount of SPAM, so we'd like to keep it nice and clean. Most likely your post will be approved, unless you are some crazy kid who just wants to make our lives miserable with spammm. ♥

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